Introduction to ATB Project Solutions Ltd

In our very first blog – an introduction to ATB Project Solutions Ltd

Where do you start with your first blog post? We decided to start with the beginning and go from there. We’ll start with introducing ATB Project Solutions and setting the scene for future posts. So let’s start..

ATB Project Solutions Ltd was founded with the aim of supporting businesses with their daily struggles. We want to help the people in those businesses.

We are aware that, especially in the area Mid-Wales, there are many small businesses. And as a small business owner, we do a lot of different jobs. In some cases, we are a complete business wrapped up in one person!

With that in mind, we have seen businesses that are thriving with the amount of work coming in. However, they are struggling to organise themselves efficiently to stay on top of things. You have barely time to recruit another member of staff or when a new member of staff arrives, they need training, which again takes valuable time you don’t have.¬†Our Business Improvement Service can help with this.

The same issue creeps up when you have projects on the go that you don’t have the time or expertise for. We have worked on a wealth of projects and provide project management at all stages as required.

We can provide you with a full service package; from thoroughly reviewing the individual processes that make up your business and redesign entire business processes, to helping you project manage implementations. We don’t aim to give you a pep talk and leave you to it.


What you can expect to see in our blogs

We are interested in ways to improve businesses through business processes and successfully closing projects. So that is what our blogs will be focusing on. We are looking for ways to let small businesses benefit from the big know-how.

Our blogs will include:

  • Business Processes
  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management
  • And anything else we think will help you run your business..

We look forward to sharing these with you and hearing your comments!

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