Project Methodology

ATB Project Solutions can help develop a project management methodology and associated processes to meet your organisation’s needs. It is important to have the right level of project management to ensure the projects are managed effectively and efficiently, however without overkill of written documentation.

We are equipped with template processes, forms and templates to draw from which can be used to supplement what you already have. Whether you prefer Prince2 or more an Agile (Scrum, DSDM) approach, we will be able to help you through the process of finding out what works best in your organisation.

Developing the methodology is the first step to implementing a project management process into your organisation. You will also have to think about the implementation of the processes in your organisation. This can be done through classroom training and workshops for example. ATB Project Solutions can assist in this process by acting as a coach to work alongside your Project Manager or by providing such workshop.

The Methodology will describe what the Project Manager should do to manage a project from start to finish. It will describe every step in the project life cycle in depth for the Project Manager to know when what tasks need to be completed and how.

When deciding on the best project management methodology, the following items are to be taken into consideration:
• Project Team and experience
• Project constraints
• Stakeholders
• Risks
• Complexity
• Project size & cost

A methodology is needed to steer the projects in the right direction and to keep them on track. It will also help to manage a project in a structured, repeatable fashion and to undertake the same approach per project and it’s chosen methodology.