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Our GPDR, Business and Project Management Service

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We offer a GDPR, Project Management and Business Improvement Service with the aim of helping small to medium businesses work smarter. We recommend solutions tailored to your business needs to tackle specific challenges you face on a daily basis. Our project management services can vary from providing a one-off project health check, managing projects from start to finish or by providing project related support.


GDPR, Project Management and Business Improvement Service

We provide a GDPR consultancy service. GDPR puts much more emphasis on confidentiality and protecting information property than current data protection legislation.  Therefore, organisations should undertake a review to identify the current stance. The more complaint with current legislation an organisation is, the less work will be needed to obtain GDPR compliance. It is important that as a starting point organisations need to understand how complaint they are with current legislation, compare that to the requirements of GDPR and establish where the new rights and obligations have to be built in.

Our aim is to help small businesses that are looking for ways to work more efficient. We provide support by finding practical solutions to save valuable time, reduce stress and time spent firefighting. By reviewing where the daily headaches are; spending too much time firefighting, always focusing on the latest problem / deadlines or too many daily tasks? We can advise and assist how to work smarter and continue to build a valuable business!

We can also provide project management delivery and support, adapted to suit your business or project needs. Our services will allow your focus to be on running your day-to-day business and what you do best. We can provide support during peaks of work or even run entire projects for you.

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