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We provide a GDPR service in Powys Mid-Wales,  which will lead you through the process of meeting your obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Under the GDPR, you are accountable for all of the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that you hold within your organisation. With this accountability comes the necessity to have the appropriate policies, procedures and technical controls in place to protect all personal information that you store in your HR, sales, and marketing and any other databases and folders.

Although we like to stress that GDPR is not something to be feared, we also appreciate that it is a set of very important changes which need to be taken seriously. Getting support and guidance is advised as GDPR requirements are compulsory. GDPR is a law, not a directive.

It is good practice to familiarise yourself with the complete list of requirements on the official ICO website.  It is advised to seek professional guidance and support if you feel that is needed, there is confusion about certain rules, or don’t have the resources to meet the necessary standards.


GDPR Service in Powys Mid-Wales

We provide practical help from a certified GDPR practitioner to help your organisation to meet its obligations under the GDPR.  Please contact us for further information.


GDPR GAP Analysis

Our GDPR Gap Analysis is a good service for those who want to know how they’re currently performing under GDPR regulations and want to know what areas they could improve. We will provide a Gap Analysis report with an action plan to address the gaps and risks.


How will we work?

  • Based on an initial meeting we can establish, on a high level, the level of current data protection compliance within your organisation;
  • We can carry out a full GDPR Gap Analysis;
  • We will provide you with a report highlighting all areas where improvement and attention is required;
  • Anything that flows out of that initial report can be discussed on an individual basis. This could include:
    • Project Management
    • Support with Business Processes
    • Training