Our Project Review and Health Check Service

When your project is struggling or is facing challenges, immediate action is required to stop the project from completely failing. It is worth to consider a periodic project review or a one-off project health check. Our Project Review and Health Check Service can provide early warnings of potential problems and will help the project to deliver the desired outcomes.

We can provide support by reviewing the project to identify the problems (a project health check). Common areas of concern often include:

  • Challenges with scope
  • Not having sufficient resources or not having the right resources
  • Staff not knowing their roles and responsibilities
  • Communication

We provide an alternative view of all these aspects of the project.

We will prepare a report identifying project achievements to date and highlighting the key issues that is causing the project to be at risk. This report is supported by a corrective plan of action.

Once the plan is accepted by you, we can lead the turnaround initiative, or you may choose to have us provide support for your project team through the recovery process.